Learn How To Do Oral Sex

os Home ‘ A rose by any other name would smell as sweet ‘ or so I believe the saying goes … and the secret techniques of oral love and how to do oral sex certainly have many names. From ‘giving head’ and ‘deep throating’ to ‘eating pussy’ and ‘kissing the pink’ there are a hundred or more terms used in the English language about how to do oral sex and to describe the beautiful and ancient arts of fellatio and cunnilingus. We have many physical ways to express our love for each other and these intimacies are amongst some of the most thrilling we can experience.   But somehow we have lost any tradition of sharing the skills associated with how to do oral sex. Sadly, unless there has been a revolution in the last 30 years and nobody told me about it, sex education in schools does not seem to include the finer points of pleasing a partner during intercourse. Quite rightly, there is instruction on safe sex as a weapon in the fight against infection and on the importance of love and tenderness for a partner if we want to achieve deep satisfaction from our orgasm. But other than a passing acknowledgment of the Kama Sutra there doesn’t seem to have been an instructive book on the practical ways to both give and receive profound sexual pleasure from the specific, exciting, tricks and techniques associated with oral love and how to do oral sex. 

Can We Learn How To Do Oral Sex?

Happily the answer to this question is a very emphatic … YES!! I am personally delighted that I am able to bring you reviews of two books, specifically written by Michael Webb the Oprah Love Expert, on all aspects of how to do oral sex.  

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Expert Tips on How to Give Mind-Blowing Blow-Jobs and Do Oral Sex

The first is called ‘Blow by Blow’Expert Tips on How to Give Mind-Blowing Blow-Jobs and is described as being …’ A tasteful yet thorough guide on the art of how to do oral sex. A must for any woman who wants to give oral pleasure.’   bookco4 Home   The second in the series and the partner to ‘Blow by Blow’, is amusingly, in my opinion called, ‘Lick by Lick’ and comes with the subtitle … How To Go Down on a Woman and Have Her Begging For More. So I had better be clear about one thing before you venture any deeper into the reviews:

  • I am not employed by Michael Webb … nor any of his associates
  • And I bought my own copy of both books … no freebies here … not even a revue copy!!

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Should we Do Oral Sex …Why Not?

Let’s face it … we are living in the 21st Century, an age of diversity and inclusion irrespective of personal orientation … so I found it a little strange that it was assumed that these lessons and techniques about how to do oral sex would only be used as part of a male:female or female:male relationship. Hey, let’s be honest about it … what we are interested in here is finding ways how to do oral sex … and in that way these books deliver the goods so please take a look for yourself and make up your own mind. Finally can I recommend that you sign up in the form on the right to the Love Making Tips newsletter. It’s totally FREE and has some great ideas, tips and information to keep your love life fresh!! PLUS there is a special FREE GIFT!! banner200x200 HomeSign up for the FREE Love Making Tips newsletter TODAY and you will immediately receive a FREE copy of  " Five Shocking Myths About the Female Orgasm " by Gabrielle Moore   That’s it for now … I offer you my best wishes and I hope you find this information helpful as you learn more about how to do oral sex … Anthony. How to do oral sex.  

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